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We love them like family, so why not teach them like family?
Alexandra Tytheridge Allan

Hi there! I’m Als,

Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant and I want to help you raise the most incredible carefree canine companion. Successful dog training begins when puppy first arrives home (or even before) and you really can do it without being overwhelmed or resorting to forceful tools like prong, choke or shock collars. Let Mountainside Mutts show you how.  Questions? Please call me.

Happy Golden Retriever Puppies


Weeks 8 to 16


Weeks 8 to 16 are a crucial time in the training journey but potty & crate issues can sap some of the new puppy joy. Let us help you rekindle the puppy passion.

Cool teenage dog


6 Months


Teenage dogs can still be jumpy and mouthy but now they’re “stubborn” too. Let us help you transform them into respectable adults.

Relaxed senior mixed breed dog


You can teach new tricks!

Adult Dogs

Rescued an older dog? Lackluster manners? Unwanted behaviors like guarding or barking? We’ve got humane solutions for you.

Sevice Dog in Vest

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

Our dogs can do incredible things. Save time and money by task training your own canine companion.

Dog on SUP

Is your pup going to be a paddle partner?

Let us help you train your puppy to become the perfect adult companion.

Mountainside Mutts is an exciting & unique dog training option for pet parents in Rutland County, Vermont.

We offer day training, private coaching, and group classes to help you raise an incredible companion dog, and we use only humane & force-free dog training methods. Constantly telling a dog what not to do is tiresome. Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to nag them all the time? Teaching a dog what you want them to do is far more effective and fun. In fact, based on current scientific evidence, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends that only reward-based training methods be used for dog training, including the treatment of behavior problems.  

Your dog is an individual and training should be customized to your wants and needs.

At Mountainside Mutts, our approach to dog training sets us apart in Rutland, Vermont. We proudly embrace modern, force-free training methods, steering clear of outdated techniques and aversive tools that some other trainers in the region still rely on. Choose from our diverse offerings, including private in-person coaching, group lessons, or virtual sessions.

When you entrust your dog’s education to us, you’re not just signing up for training sessions; you’re opening doors to our unique Dog School experience – think “daycare plus.” This exceptional program in the Rutland area not only fosters continued learning for your pup but also provides opportunities for socialization with furry friends. Join us at Mountainside Mutts for a training journey that celebrates the individuality of your canine companion.


Tips and Tricks

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DIY Guides

Controlling Barking
Mat work
Teaching Polite Greetings

Dog training is an unregulated industry and not all trainers are created equally. We’re proud to be certified by, and associated with, the following great organizations.

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