New dog? No manners? Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

Raising a well-adjusted and polite dog takes time and effort. Mountainside Mutts wants to make the process easier for you. From private training sessions before you even bring your new puppy home, to group coaching classes on Saturdays and after work, Mountainside Mutts can help you train the dog of your dreams.

Call or email us today to set up an initial training meeting.

Private in-home or online coaching sessions are a convenient way to fit dog training into your busy schedule.

Dogs are learning all the time so it’s essential everyone is consistent when it comes to training.

Sending your dog to “Board & Train” won’t guarantee behavior. Fido’s family is the most important part of the training program. People spending time with your dog have to practice all the things that pup has been taught. The importance of pup’s people can’t be overstated which is why their participation is a requirement of of our Dog School program.

But we understand that not everyone wants to spend their day training dogs. Thankfully that’s what we love to do! And we understand that busy households have demanding schedules. Private in-person or online training sessions mean you can book a training time that’s convenient for you.

Private Training

How does private training work?

  1. Schedule a 75-minute initial consultation.
  2. During the first meeting, we get to know each other, establish your training objectives, design a workable training plan, and start some hands-on work with your pup.
  3. Follow-up sessions are booked according to your training goals.
  4. You and your dog will practice a few fun training games between sessions.

Dog training is like any skill – practice makes perfect and when you have a plan, it’s easy to incorporate into your existing schedule.  And short frequent training sessions are best so you only need to commit a few minutes every day. Training an awesome companion doesn’t have to take a ton of time and it’s much easier than trying to fix problem behaviors.

Puppy with leash in mouth

Just like people, dogs are always learning. How far you want to take your dog’s formal education however is entirely up to you. While most behaviors can be taught fairly quickly, it will take longer for your dog to perform them reliably in a wide range of contexts. The more behaviors are practiced, the stronger they become. Our most popular training options are listed below. Select “Learn More” for additional offerings.

Puppy Start Right

Socialization & Foundation Training

Introduce new experiences to your young puppy in a safe, effective and fun manner.  This is a unique 4-week rolling enrollment program.

Four 1 hr weekly group learning opportunities.

Each session of this 4 week program includes play, foundational training, exploration, problem prevention discussion, and puppy parenting tips.

Polite Puppy

Building Basic Manners

Option A Initial consultation and 3 further hours of weekly training sessions where we’ll work on independence training, potty training and basic manners including name, watch-me, sit, down, leave-it, drop, come when called, walking nicely on leash, and polite greetings.

Option B Initial consultation and 5 further hours of weekly training sessions – In addition to the skills of option A, we’ll start practicing them in new environments.

Basic Manners

6 weekly one hour group training sessions
A beginner course that will introduce clicker or marker training, basic training principles, and focus on core manners.

This class is intended for new pet parents who have not attended a training school before. The first session is people-only.

This class is not suitable for dogs in heat, overly fearful, or highly reactive dogs.

Just Get Started

Budget friendly private coaching 

Our most popular training package includes the 75 minute initial training consultation and 3 customized one hour weekly training sessions with email and video support between appointments.

This package is perfect as an introduction to force-free training methods, teaching basic manners like settle, loose leash walking, and come when called. And addressing unwanted behaviors like jumping.