Adult dog training is a fantastic form of mental enrichment.

Adult Dog Training, and Behavior Modification

Perhaps you’ve recently adopted an older dog or you’re noticing behavioral changes in your canine companion. Maybe you’re just looking at doing something fun with Fido. We offer private adult dog training services, behavioral consultations, and advanced Group Classes too. While it’s true that the longer a dog has had to practice bad habits the longer it may take to change them, there is no upper age limit on dog training.

Puppies are undeniably gorgeous but there is a lot to be said about adding a mature dog to your family too – often you can avoid many of the young dog troubles like potty training, biting, and jumping. Just like people, dogs are always learning. And mental enrichment is as important for your adult dog as it is for your younger pup. Training an older dog is a great way to keep them mentally young.

We are the only dog trainer in Rutland who is accredited by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

Service work is a great goal for adult dog training

In order for us to help you achieve your training goals, we strongly encourage the purchase of a training package. The aim of our initial consultation is to provide foundation training and advice. Progress will depend on what you do next. Packages keep you focused and offer the best bang for your buck. Behavior modification typically requires strong foundation behaviors.

Behavior Modification

  • You consider your dog well-trained but it has one or two behaviors you really don’t like. We can help you solve them.
  • Includes: 90 minute behavior consultation (online or in-person). We’ll provide you with our advice and recommendations. It is up to you to implement the training plan. Follow up sessions booked individually.

Just Get Started

  • We’ll give you as much information as we can in our initial meeting but realistically it takes at least 3 weeks to establish new habits. This package will get you off to a great start on your dog training journey.
  • Includes: 75 minute initial meeting, 3 one hour training sessions at our facility, email support between sessions.

Click to Calm

  • If your dog is displaying excessive fear or reactivity, multiple coaching sessions are going to be required. This package is designed to give you the greatest prospects for success in the most budget friendly manner.
  • Includes: 75 minute initial meeting, six 1 hour coaching sessions which can be in-person or online. Email and video support is available between sessions.