Puppy Training in Rutland, Vermont

Mountainside Mutts wants to help you raise the dog of your dreams. The best way to do that is through modern puppy training.

Old-fashioned puppy training techniques meant waiting until the dog was physically strong enough to cope with the harsher training methods. Rewards-based training methods on the other hand allow you to start training from the moment you bring your new pup home. Really great breeders may have already started the process for you. Why wait until your dog has had time to develop unwanted habits before you start training?

Puppies are like little sponges and they can learn new behaviors incredibly quickly.  But we totally get that they can sometimes be overwhelming. Our puppy programs are designed to support you through:

  • Customized training plans to help you achieve your individual training goals
  • Regularly scheduled coaching sessions
  • Detailed handouts
  • Online support
  • Group classes where you can meet other new puppy parents

Our puppy programs

In order to help you achieve training success, we do not offer individual training sessions for young puppies (under 6 months of age). It is not possible to teach your puppy everything they need to know in a single session. Instead, we have tailored our puppy programs to provide guidance for the most frequent puppy problems. Whether you’re looking for advice before bringing your first dog home or are a seasoned pet parent hoping to train a service dog, our puppy programs offer compassionate solutions for all of your puppy problems.

 We want you to enjoy the training journey. You should have fun getting to know your puppy. Our teaching methods are modern, science-based and utilize games, toys and food. The people who live with puppy are the most important part of the training process and so we require continued participation from them in the training process. But we appreciate not everyone has lots of time to train. All of our training packages can therefore be supplemented with additional day training.

If you’re excited to get started, choose the puppy package which best suits your needs and we’ll schedule your initial meeting.

Puppy Primer

Jump Start Training

1 hr consultation before puppy comes home – learn how to prepare, what to expect, and to start exactly as you mean to go on.

3 further 45-minute training sessions

This package is designed to start crate training and toilet training, to establish helpful routines, and to introduce basic manners including name, watch-me, and sit.

Polite Puppy

Building basic manners
75 minute initial meeting

Our most popular puppy program provides 5 weeks of 1-hour training sessions. For very young puppies we recommend splitting the weekly sessions into one 30-minute training session at our facility, and one 30-minute online behavior-busting session.

Together we’ll work on independence training, potty training and basic manners including name, watch-me, sit, down, leave-it, drop, come when called, walking nicely on leash, and polite greetings.

Perfect Puppy

Everything you need to prepare
for adolescence
75 minute initial meeting

In addition to the basic manners covered in Polite Puppy, we’ll take training field trips to test pup’s skills in novel situations.

Weekly training sessions from 8 to 16 weeks.

Biweekly sessions 17 to 25 weeks.